GATESVILLE — The Hard Bargain 4-H Club and the Coryell Veterinary Clinic are teaming up again this year for a low-cost rabies vaccination clinic on April 13.

Rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats and horses will be available at a discounted rate from 9 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of the Tractor Supply store at 2401 S. Texas 36 in Gatesville, said Ryon Blankenship, assistant manager of the 4-H club in Gatesville.

“The rabies season started early this year,” Blankenship said. “The hard rabies season usually starts with hot weather, but there have already been four cases in Gatesville this year.”

Gatesville police reported four cases of rabid skunks in contact with domestic pets in March. In each case, the skunk was killed and the head sent to the Texas Department of Health Services lab in Austin for confirmation of rabies.

In addition to providing animals with needed protection from rabies, the event is a fundraiser for the 4-H club, which receives a percentage of the fees collected, said Kim Smith, office manager for the Coryell Veterinary Clinic.

Last year, more than 200 dogs and cats were vaccinated for rabies at the 4-H event, Smith said. A rabies vaccine for horses is also available but no horses were brought to the event last year.

Blankenship said the club plans to do a second rabies clinic in the fall.

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