GATESVILLE — Critters (including humans) are fouling the water in parts of the Leon River watershed, and Mike Marshall has called a meeting to talk about ways to clean it up.

The Coryell County Water Day session will be March 24 at the Gatesville Civic Center.

The program is free and will include a meal of fried catfish as well as presentations on topics ranging from wild hog abatement to livestock management.

Marshall, the Leon River watershed coordinator charged with overseeing the watershed protection plan is ramrod of the program, which runs from 2 to 7:30 p.m.

Recent results from bacterial-source tracking have shown unhealthy levels of e. coli in the watershed, Marshall said. The main source is wildlife (including feral hogs) followed by cattle and humans.

Good management practices can help reduce the bacteria getting into the water, he said.

There also will be vendor demonstrations and presentations on hog trapping and aerial gunning.

For those keeping track of continuing education units, the program will count as three CEUs  — two general and one laws and regulations.

Those interested in attending the program are asked to register by Friday by contacting Marshall at 254-865-2061 or

Speaking of water, the rainwater-catchment system at my place was just overhauled. Seamless gutters replaced the rickety, leaky, leaf-choked contraptions on the house and one was added to the barn.

The gutters dump into new poly water tanks that replaced the rusty old metal models, and new faucets and screen filters were installed.

There is only one thing missing from my rainwater-catchment system. Rain.

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