GATESVILLE — For most of the past year the Coryell County commissioners have been fussing over the acquisition of new office space to relieve crowding in the old county courthouse.

Now that the office space has been purchased, renovated and occupied, the commissioners are confused about what to call the place.

Last summer, the county closed the deal to buy the Extraco Bank building a block from the courthouse square in Gatesville.

The county is using most of the 16,000 square feet for offices but is leasing 4,000 to Extraco to continue banking operations.

In most discussions, the place has been called the “Extraco annex” or simply the “Extraco building.”

Coryell already has two “county annex” buildings, one in Cove and one in Gatesville, so dubbing the recent addition with the bank name makes some sense.

“We should ask Extraco if they will pay us to use their name,” County Attorney Brandon Belt suggested last week.

Corporations pay huge sums to put their names on sports stadiums and arenas. Maybe counties could get in on the action.

Belt’s comment drew chuckles from the commissioners, who resolved to find another means of identifying the building in case the bank wasn’t interested in buying the naming rights.

One possibility is to use the formal address at the new place: “800 E. Main St., Suite A.” Another option would be the “Main Street Annex.”

Numbering the Gatesville annexes 1 and 2 was another suggestion, but that implies that county residents would know which was which.

Yet another possibility would be the “Guaranty Annex,” using the name of the bank that occupied the spot before Extraco took over. Many local folks still call the place Guaranty Bank anyway.

Since Cove native Pamela Williams, the new human resources director, was the first county official to set up shop in the new space, Covites might like to call the office complex “Pam’s Place.”

When in doubt, politicians often resort to “let the people decide,” which was the choice made this week by County Judge John Firth.

Firth suggested a public naming contest to decide the issue. What is your choice for a name for your new county office complex?

Email Firth at, call him at 254-865-5911, ext. 2222, or mail a letter to him at the new watchamacallit place.

Contact Tim Orwig at

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