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Will you vote in favor of the Copperas Cove bond referendum on Tuesday?

Not right now. Now is not the time. With the economy and people not having insurance, there’s too many things going on right now to do it. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, but I think the timing is bad.

Brenda Steda

I would say no. I think we could use $6 million around here in recreation and the park and maybe doing some more community service things, something else for our veterans or single parents.

La Shanda Wilson

Yes, I think it’s a good idea. It’s an upgrade to have a safer environment so that things can be better.

Javier Sobers

I think $6 million is a bit expensive for this small town. That’s a little excessive, so I would vote no.

Angel Gillard

No. That (money) can go to something else for the kids. It’s expensive for them to do stuff. (The money) can help build other organizations and have more fun activities for the kids.

Kia Kelly

Compiled by April Lawrence Grant