Stepping into Loren Carter’s bedroom is like walking into any 13-year-old girl’s room: pictures of friends line the mirror, clothes hang outside an overstuffed closet, glittery mementos from memorable events posted about.

But there are a few things not usually found in most teens’ rooms — boxes of bow-making and bottlecap crafting supplies.

Loren, a S.C. Lee Junior High eighth-grader, cheerleader and band member, is the owner of Loren’s Bowtique, an online business she started in April.

Her idea for the business came from cheerleading, where she saw the variety of bows available. She told herself she could make the same thing and set off to teach herself how with help from her mother, Julie Moser.

Armed with the know-how and a small financial loan from her mom, Loren’s online business was born. Since then, Loren participated in Lemonade Day and will sell her bows at the Operation Once in a Lifetime 4th of July Picnic in the Park in Copperas Cove.

With the goal to turn her online store into a household name someday, Loren continues to seek her mother’s advice. One bit of advice her mom gave was to give 10 percent of her earnings to nonprofit organizations.

“It’s good karma to pay it forward,” Julie Moser said.

So far, Loren’s Bowtique has donated a total of $150 to School of Wags and Operation Once In A Lifetime. Using her company’s Facebook page and Instagram, Loren also raises awareness for the organizations while promoting her bows and bottlecaps.

Loren makes each bow and bottlecap herself and is able to customize pieces for children, teens and the occasional canine customer. She gives credit to her math and science classes for her ability to creative her products.

“To get the perfect bow, you have to know the measurements,” she said. “Some of the hot glue doesn’t work with some of the bottlecaps, so you have to know which need high-temp glue.”

Her love for science and math will no doubt help her reach another dream, to study medicine at Harvard University.

“I love the numbers and reasoning in math and science” she said.


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