• July 23, 2016


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Let’s continue study of top water baits with poppers and prop or bladed

Today we are going to continue the top water baits study by looking at ways to use the next two types: the poppers and those with the props on either both ends or the tail end.
Rubbernecking really makes a mess of things

I had originally thought I would write a nice, funny piece making up all kinds of fantastic stories (just to see who would believe them), since today just happens to be April Fool’s Day. With all the political tomfoolery going on, it would have been so easy, too.

Our cat is worse than a toddler now that he's 1

So our rescue cat, Vlad, recently turned a year old and shortly after celebrated his one-year adoption. His doting “mother” ensured he had a special treat of “T-U-N-A” (we can’t say that word out loud in our home), of course, followed by singing him “Happy Birthday” and giving him a new toy.

Voting is a right, but it helps if you vote

I was really excited to see the numbers of Coryell County residents who went to vote on Super Tuesday. Nearly 9,500 of the county’s 34,570 registered voters made it to the polls to have their voices heard, which is about 27 percent.

First black U.S. senator an inspiration to all

It’s Black History Month, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about someone who doesn’t seem to get a lot of good mentions for some reason, even though he’s a part of American history that truly should be highlighted.

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Learning lessons from Vietnam

For the last few weeks, I’ve been talking to Vietnam War veterans and doing a lot of research on the war.

It’s time for Central Texans to feel blue

I’m sure many Copperas Cove residents have noticed area roadways getting a bit more colorful lately.

Free the egg: Kinder Eggs, that is

What is the world’s best candy?

Get your rod, reel ready for fishing in Cove

I became giddy as a schoolgirl when I heard about what is coming up in Cove on Feb. 21.

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Houston quilt festival catalog filled with good information

Yesterday I received the Houston International Quilt Festival catalog in the mail. It always arrives mid-July every year — as long as I registered the year before. You can also see all the attractions and classes offered online at www.quilts.com and shows@quilts.com. Information is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use common sense — do not leave your dog in a hot car

Having tinted windows on my truck, I forget how spoiled I am sometimes.

Sharing my best memories of Killeen before leaving town

When I was growing up, I wanted to live so many other places in my life.

Take time to pause and be thankful this Fourth of July

I know there are at least two important birthdays in the month of July. I turn 64 on July 3.

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