We military spouses say “Home is where the Army sends us.” As I made my 15th military move from Germany to Fort Hood in August, I was excited to be moving to Texas.

As an Oklahoma native, I knew I would feel like I was at home here in the Lone Star State. I could not have been more correct. As I learned my way around, I developed a fondness for Copperas Cove, its hometown feel, its kind people who would give you the shirts off their backs, things I was familiar with like 4-H, FFA, Scouts, the VFW, and the Christian way of life that gave me a sense of belonging in my new surroundings.

I was blessed to be hired right away as a freelance reporter for the Killeen Daily Herald working in the surrounding cities of Copperas Cove, Harker Heights and Killeen as well as neighboring communities.

I have worked in the news gathering business for more than two decades and chose this career for the opportunities it provides to make a positive impact on others.

The newspaper editors were open to my story ideas and let me work to educate our readers but also provide them with a positive outlook on the world around them.

I felt so very blessed to work for an individually owned newspaper when corporations have bought up most of the media and reports are often presented with a bias from the conglomerates.

The Killeen Daily Herald and the three weekly newspapers of Copperas Cove. Harker Heights, and Fort Hood are truly dedicated to community news — right in line with my own priorities.

Within four weeks of working as a reporter, blessings continued to come my way, and I was offered the job of editor for the Copperas Cove Herald.

I had already developed an affection for this community and its people and knew that I wanted to be a part of life here on a daily basis.

So, I accepted the job and have been working nonstop for Cove residents to share the news of the city, the surrounding communities, and Coryell County ever since.

You will notice some enhancements to the Copperas Cove Herald starting this week.

We have added a faith area where we will include a religious article weekly, a section on a local businesses or business issues every week, a community spotlight to recognize the many volunteers who keep things on track in our communities, and a SNAP! section where you are encouraged to submit photos of your club, business, school or organization.

I always welcome your feedback and am listening when you talk to me. The Copperas Cove Herald is YOUR hometown newspaper in Coryell County. It will be exactly what you make of it.

So, contribute articles, photos, and your great story ideas. You can reach me at 254-501-7476 or email at wsledd@kdhnews.com.

Thank you for accepting me with open arms in your community and making me feel so welcome. As Dorothy on Wizard of Oz said, “There’s no place like home.”

I clicked my heels together three times and landed in Copperas Cove (with a little help from the Army!). I truly call this home.

Contact Wendy Sledd at wsledd@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7476

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