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I had originally thought I would write a nice, funny piece making up all kinds of fantastic stories (just to see who would believe them), since today just happens to be April Fool’s Day. With all the political tomfoolery going on, it would have been so easy, too.

So our rescue cat, Vlad, recently turned a year old and shortly after celebrated his one-year adoption. His doting “mother” ensured he had a special treat of “T-U-N-A” (we can’t say that word out loud in our home), of course, followed by singing him “Happy Birthday” and giving him a new toy.

I was really excited to see the numbers of Coryell County residents who went to vote on Super Tuesday. Nearly 9,500 of the county’s 34,570 registered voters made it to the polls to have their voices heard, which is about 27 percent.

It’s Black History Month, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about someone who doesn’t seem to get a lot of good mentions for some reason, even though he’s a part of American history that truly should be highlighted.

OK, so it’s Black Friday — a day millions of people across this great country forget what they were thankful for the day prior as they eagerly rush to their favorite stores to participate in fantastic deals, get into fights over who grabs the last product on the shelf, stand in ridiculously …

As we get closer and closer to the Oct. 4 voter registration deadline for the upcoming Nov. 3 elections here in Copperas Cove, I decided to do a little research to see just how many of our residents actually get out and vote.

I suppose it’s a little too late to admit to being a cat person, as I’m pretty sure that cat’s already out of the bag, but cats have a way of lighting up dark, dreary news days.

Oscar Wilde wrote, “In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralizing. Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment it…

The turkey is long gone and the time of giving thanks for what we have is over as we go full-swing into Christmas shopping and decorating. Normally, it seems the time for thankfulness ends as soon as the “Black Friday” sales begin, but the more I think about it, the more I realize just how g…