• December 21, 2014

Kristi Johnson

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I really don’t like being alone — but then, I do

After my divorce in 2006, I learned several things about myself. First, I learned that I do not like being alone. Second, I learned that I really like and need to be alone sometimes.

Birth of my little angel changed everything

It was Father’s Day 2006 when my fiancé, Katie, told me that she was pregnant and that I was going to be a daddy. I was excited, exhilarated, and ecstatic. Comments (0)

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Waiting to start Christmas quilt gifts can add to holiday stress

December is a busy month for most quilters. Some quilters know what gifts they want to make in July and get started months ahead of the holiday season to complete them. Others wait until Thanksgiving to get started. This procrastination always adds more stress in their lives. Then there’s always the quilters who started a project for Christmas but didn’t get it finished, so they finish it in January for the following Christmas. Of course there’s always the possibility that when next Christmas comes around they can’t find what they completed at the beginning of the year. Comments (0)

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