• February 21, 2017

Mason W. Canales

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Dieting’s tough, especially those burger cravings

Dieting isn’t that easy.

Not much has changed in a year, but goals remain

So I am another year older, since the last time I wrote one of these columns. And my how things have changed.

Back-to-school a difficult time in our household

The end of the summer is a hard time for my family, but it teaches us to keep moving forward.

Smack talk is OK, but there’s a time and place for it

I can appreciate my 15-year-old stepson’s sarcasm. It is great, in fact. His wit is almost unmatched, and his comebacks are faster than Eminem’s rap battle moments in “8 Mile.”

Looking at clouds can be fun, relaxing

Sometimes it is nice to just stop and look at the clouds.

Final hours of special session great to watch

Regardless of what side of the Texas abortion bill debate you are on, the events that closed out the state’s first special legislative session last week were truly amazing to watch live.

Summer brings anticipation of annual reunion

Summertime. The period of the year where the heat starts to soak into everything.

If it’s important, give me a call, but don’t text me

With all the different types of media out there, it has been said we are constantly bombarded with information.

Finding some freedom in the creative process

Sometimes I forget how freeing it is to do something creative.

Paying tribute to my mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, so I want to pay homage to someone I hardly ever talk about — my mother.

Trip to D.C. brings a few revelations

I am Texan through and through. I was born here, raised here, went to school here and even picked out a non-cliche Texas tattoo, if the occasion ever arises to ink myself.

Watching movie trailers online a bit of an obsession

I caught myself enjoying another one of my favorite pastimes the other night — watching an array of movie trailers online.

I’m trying to get over my potential Netflix addiction

Recently, the movie and television show Internet viewing hub released the third season of one cartoon comedy I like — “Archer.”

Trip to zoo, gardens reveals nature’s wonders

It is always great to be reminded that there are many great things — beautiful creatures and stunning plants — in this world that we call home.

Coming clean about mishaps in the shower

This past week I discovered two things never to do in the shower — both slightly embarrassing and both, oddly enough, have little to do with bathing.

Being creative with video takes lots of patience

Tackling those personal projects that are on the back burner can often be hard, but you have to start turning up the heat to get your energy moving and see results.

Resolution to cut out sodas difficult to keep

Last year I made several New Year’s resolutions — not to drink soda pop, to do chores when they’re needed and one other one I can’t remember.

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