Dieting isn’t that easy.

As I am sitting here writing, I am on day two of a diet that my wife, the wonderful Tracy, started two weeks ago.

While day one felt pretty easy; on day two, I have already hit a wall.

Instead of sitting here pondering column ideas while the cursor blinks endlessly, I can only think about the cheeseburger I can’t have.

I imagine myself sneaking off to some place with the worst-for-you burgers possible — Jack in the Box, Whataburger, McDonalds, Wendy’s. All the fast food places come to mind, but the local joints I know would probably really satisfy my craving.

What are all of them again? Lets think about it. In no particular order: Black Meg, Billy Bobs, Fries Etc., Mel’s, Galaxy Burgers. I am sure I’m missing someone.

Gosh, I hope I am not forgetting the best, because I would be mad if I were to take a bite of a burger, only to realize there is a better one at that exact moment.

If I were to sneak off, I would need to plan and scheme on how to avoid letting people know.

It would be easy enough to sit inside some restaurant somewhere by myself. But eventually someone would ask me how dieting went today, and I do not lie well.

I would fumble and slip and spill the truth all over the floor like Coke or Dr Pepper rushing out of a soda fountain.

While the cheeseburger and the mountain of fries I would definitely decide to order as a side would be great, the wrath of being caught and lying about it would not outweigh the goodness.

Or would it? That question keeps circling.

Also, if I were to give up on day two, that means I am really weak willed.

This diet isn’t close to the extremes my brother goes through to “cleanse” his body. I couldn’t believe the amount of kale and beets he told me he ate. How does he do it?

This plan has me eating a fairly strict regiment of food that allows for several substitutions of things I don’t like such as canned tuna. Plus I am only cutting out about 500 calories of what my normal diet should entail. Yes, this should be pretty easy.

As I have brought up the hankering for a cheeseburger, some of the more active and fit people in the office have said the beginning of the diet is the hardest part.

“Once you get used to it, you will do fine,” someone said.

And I know this will be true. Dieting is similar to exercising, I just have to build it into my routine and it will be smooth sailing until I reach my target weight.

By then I will have changed eating habits, which will coincide and perhaps increase my workout patterns that are already well underway.

In the end, I will be healthier, which is the ultimate goal.

And imagine that! Writing about that cheeseburger really killed the craving.

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Oh God I know that feeling!! that's awful! I was dreaming not about a burger, but about sweets - chocolate, muffins with creme, ice-creme[wink] and that was my problem, I couldn't keep any diet because of this my passion.. than I realized that with the help of sweets I was trying to substitute something nice in my real life. So I dare to say that it was in some way some psychological problem.. I've made myself stop finding consolidation on food and eat to live and enjoy life, and I found the best diet to lose weight that suited me perfectly on FatLossFactorsReviews, this service helped me greatly. And I won and stopped taking sweets as something fantastic, it's just sugar and calories and maybe a bit of nice feeling but nothing more - it's food! [smile]

Burger fantasy

Burgers are good for you. I mean they taste good. They cover all the food groups. Don't be ashamed of a good burger.

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