Recently, the movie and television show Internet viewing hub released the third season of one cartoon comedy I like — “Archer.”

This series isn’t for the faint-hearted, and I would never recommend children taking up viewing it.

The show is packed full of raunchy adult humor that pushes the elements of cartoons to the extreme, without being as crazy as something like “Aquateen Hunger Force.”

Don’t know what Aquateen is? My suggestion would be to look it up on Wikipedia before ever viewing an episode. Oh, and don’t worry. I am 99 percent certain you can only purchase Aquateen on DVD or catch it late night on Adult Swim.

Back to “Archer.” Once I was made aware the third season of “Archer” was available for viewing on Netflix, I was instantly addicted.

The 13, nearly 30-minute episodes only took me three days to finish. I would have completed it in two days, but I fell asleep on the second to last episode the second night of watching.

After the series was done, I searched for something else to watch for a little bit of wind-down time before bed.

Eventually I settled on a new show.

“Parks and Recreation” was recommended to me numerous times by several friends, but for some unknown reason I have an extreme dislike for Amy Poehler.

It is the only thing that keeps me away from the series. So naturally I went with a similar comedy from her friend and former Saturday Night costar, Tina Fey.

Yes, I picked up a seven-season series that recently went off the air — “30 Rock.”

In my mind, the series was perfect for late-night wind downs. Episodes are about 20 minutes long and since the season is off the air, I can watch the entire show at my own pace and hope that I make it through season six as season seven is coming out on Netflix.

I told myself that pace would be one or two episodes on nights when I needed a little break from working late into the evening before going to sleep or doing other chores and reading.

Yeah, that is so not what is happening. I am obsessed with the show and its characters. In about two weeks, I am almost four seasons through the series.

Last night, I was texting friends to find out what happens between the comic duo of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy — played by Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.

The acting and characterizations of these two idiosyncratic people has me gasping for breath at almost every situation they get themselves into.

On a good note, my friend told me to continue to watch the series and not to take any spoilers. I, of course, listened.

On a bad note, I am watching so much in lump sums it is ridiculous. There were about 20 episodes in season one and luckily only about 15 episodes in season two. I am not going to declare how far into season three I am.

I need to get out from in front of the television or laptop and do something that is more intellectually and/or physically active.

A good story and laugh is always great to have, but you probably shouldn’t get addicted to it like I do.

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