So I am another year older, since the last time I wrote one of these columns. And my how things have changed.

Actually, they haven’t changed. That is an answer I have given about my birthday for many years.

Growing up, my mother used to ask me every birthday morning, “Does it feel different being (whatever the age was)?”

I am not sure when I started to be a smarty pants, but at some point I gave the “Nope, it’s just the same as yesterday” answer and stuck to it.

While it makes me smile to remember the quirk of my mom asking the same question annually, it is good to know I have the same attitude about getting older.

Don’t think about how old you are; just focus on what you can do with the upcoming year and time you have.

On this birth anniversary, I didn’t magically get more gray hairs in my goatee or on my head upon waking up.

Nor did the strands on my noggin suddenly fall out. No, they have been receding and thinning for several years now.

I think it’s been going on since I was 21.

I didn’t wake up and suddenly need a cane to stumble around the house.

But what has changed from last year to this year is that I dropped some weight.

I think this may be the first time in six years that I have actually taken off weight between birthdays.

Once again, this wasn’t a sudden transformation, but one that started several weeks earlier as I started to better mind my diet and try to stay a little more active.

I haven’t gotten to the point of running every day or even every other day or being able to take to a soccer field like I did when I was between the ages of 5 and 19.

Both of those things I would really like to do.

But I have started to get to that point.

My goal is to continue to do so by keeping moving and active no matter how many hours I sit behind this desk.

Another goal I have is to keep an active imagination.

For years there have been a couple of fiction books in that head of mine that is losing its hair.

While the stories randomly find themselves on a page, I constantly head to bed replaying ideas for cartoons, movies and books in my mind.

I think it was my grandmother who said a creative mind is a youthful, healthy one.

Perhaps this next year, I will have penned a full fiction story for some publication.

Luckily, 32 isn’t a milestone year. I was able to keep my birthday low key and hang out with family for a well-deserved, relaxing weekend.

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