Summertime. The period of the year where the heat starts to soak into everything.

Sitting in the yard becomes almost a burden during the day as you can feel the sun blistering your skin. Walks and runs become scattered for my family as their times move to either when the sun is breaking the horizon or when the blazing ball is fading behind it.

Just Tuesday, it was in the lower 90s between times when the rain was coming down. My car windows were up, a rare occasion for the warmer months, because of the rainfall in the morning. As the rain came tumbling out of the sky for the second time, I ventured out to my car.

The windows were fogged and the inside was like a sauna or a hot air balloon. It was about 30 to 40 degrees hotter in my car than the now-70-degree weather outside.

But even with all the Texas heat, there are several things to look forward to during the summer months.

Among them is my stepson, Tyler’s, homecoming.

The bother of the heat dwindles to nothing as our family unit sits complete on the back porch or strolls through the neighborhood on a walk.

While we manage to somehow make it through the other months of the year, the summers are always what we look forward to as we get to enjoy our full family being together.

Yes, there are clear advantages to Tyler’s being around, such as the additional person to do chores like the yard work we completed this weekend.

Instead of taking two days, after the 7 p.m. hour, we completed mowing, weed-eating and trimming the bushes and trees with about 30 minutes to spare before sunset.

And while we worked the yard together, both wearing headphones, I was reminded of on my favorite advantages of his summer presence — his character and excitement to be around us.

I had just finished mowing the backyard when Tyler finished trimming some fence-line trees. I looked over to see him standing inside a trash can with a collection of fresh-cut limbs protruding from the can above his hips.

He was clearly not all the way in the pile of branches as he stood about 8 feet tall while inside the bin.

He looked over at me and smiled.

“Don’t worry; there is room in here for the rest of it,” he said as he began to jump up and down.

It must be nice to be that agile and not worry about getting cuts on your legs, I thought to myself before laughing and shaking my head at him.

He managed to crunch it all down to about half of what it was and fill the rest of the trash can.

While the help was appreciated, the small memory of his grin is something that is going to last a lot longer than the fresh-cut grass.

There are, of course, always many more memories just like this one.

And they always make me forget the summer heat and just enjoy our family’s time together.


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