When did we become such a negative, unappreciative society?

All I hear every time I leave the house is people scolding others, without saying one word about what they’re doing right.

I find it hard to believe that all children being scolded by their parents, or employees being chastised by their bosses truly can’t do literally anything right.

Yet, people nowadays are accentuating the negative and not even mentioning the positive.

Are these people doing the criticizing really so perfect? How would they react if someone only brought up their failures the next time they fell short of perfection?

The majority of the time, people are doing a pretty good job at what they do, or at least they try to. People don’t usually set out to be a failure.

So, imagine that child who was scared to try a new task, yet tried anyway and didn’t succeed. The last thing children need is their parents telling them they can’t do anything right.

Or that employee who is the “yes man” or “yes woman,” always jumping in when they’re needed,  yet instead of being told they’re a valuable member of the team, they’re only told what they’re falling short at.

No wonder so many people are complacent nowadays. Not only is it discouraging to fail at something; it’s doubly hard to hear that you can’t do anything right when you do try.

What’s anyone’s incentive to even try anymore? It’s become safer and less humiliating to not even bother.

I cringe every time I hear a parent berating a child at the store.

You can see the child questioning his or her own value as their head and shoulders go limp with defeat.

The person the child looks up to is telling them they can’t do anything right, and evidently believes it so strongly that it couldn’t even wait until the parent and child were at home or at least in the car.

Nope, it had to be announced to the entire store full of strangers that Johnny couldn’t tie his shoes right or that Sally didn’t pass her history exam.

Do people really think they’re being constructive by only pointing out others’ downfalls? Or is it really a way for them to build themselves up in comparison?

Whether these “superiors” genuinely believe they’re helping, or if their true motivation is to tear down others while building themselves up, it’s tearing the world down in the process. And it’s tearing down our future.

I have heard so many worthy, intelligent and capable people verbally being torn down. These people could contribute so much to the world if they weren’t beaten down and learning to hold themselves back from their true potential as a means of protection.

I’m sure we can all remember times when we’ve fallen short of our own personal goals and chastised ourselves. We’re usually our own worst critics.

So why is it so necessary to crack down on someone for making a mistake when we’re not perfect ourselves? That person is probably already kicking himself as it is.

So, next time we feel the need to correct others, let’s find a constructive way to do so. And let’s pepper that constructive criticism with some praise about what that person is doing right.

Jacqueline Dowland is editor of the Copperas Cove Herald. Contact her at jdowland@kdhnews.com or 254-501-7464.

jdowland@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7464

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