Madelyn Miller has a temper. The Copperas Cove sixth-grader said she gets fired up when it comes to her grades.

“I am an A student. I get kind of mad when I get a B. I have set standards both at school and after school,” said Madelyn, who placed first in the sixth-grade science fair. Her project involved calculating the velocity of melon heads dropped from high altitudes and then measuring the “brain” matter.

“I like the destruction of things. I dropped them from a 13-foot ladder and watched them explode,” she said. “It was very fun. Of course, once I made the mess, I had to clean it up.”

Madelyn also captured first place at the regional National History Day competition and heads into the state competition with high hopes.

While history comes easily, reading is just the opposite. “I enjoy reading, but I am not good at it. I have to work at it,” Madelyn said. “But that has inspired me to become a movie maker. I want to make movies based on books.”

Math is Madelyn’s favorite subject. She plans to use her math skills to calculate the layout of scenes in her movies including how big the props should be and how much space is needed. “I feel like the whole world revolves around math. You can’t read if you can’t align the letters. You can’t write if you can’t fit the word in the space,” she said.

Her science and math classes are “the brightest parts” of her school day.

“I like mixing chemicals and figuring out the answers,” she said. “Sometimes it’s frustrating. When I finally do figure out the answer, I ask myself why I didn’t already know that. Sometimes, I over-think things,”

Math teacher Jason Swanner said Madelyn is an academic role model to other students.

“Maddie is an exceptional young lady. She is a hard-working dedicated student who goes above and beyond in her school work,” he said.

English and language arts teacher Julia Sheon said Madelyn gives her best to all she does. “She is involved in several extracurricular activities, both academic and athletic, and still manages to maintain a high academic standard,” she said.

Outside the classroom, the 12-year-old plays golf and volleyball. She spends 6 to 10 hours a week practicing volleyball.

“I am both a setter and a hitter. I enjoy being able to be part of a team and be part of something bigger. It’s like being part of a second family, sort of. But I am not a fan of team punishments,” she said. “But group punishment does make you stronger as a team and it definitely builds endurance.”

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