• September 27, 2016

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Quilters need to spread the knowledge of craft far, wide

I have a friend who keeps telling me she thinks quilting is declining. But when you go to quilt shows, and particularly to the Houston International Quilt Show, I find that hard to believe.

Don’t forget the dog now that school’s back in session

Back to school means early mornings, fundraisers, events, sports and community sickness to name just a few of our “favorite” things.

Communication better when you use HEART principles

Marriage can be heaven on Earth. Yet it also brings challenges.

Dedicated people make the community work well

It’s personally refreshing to be surrounded by co-workers, friends and acquaintances who work hard, dedicate themselves to quality, making sure the customer is satisfied and take seriously the importance of being kind and assisting those who need help.

Hot weather a good time to clean, organize sewing rooms

This is the time of year when most quilters grind to a halt. With the temperatures over 100 degrees, we just want to hide in the house behind closed blinds and wait for the temperatures to start falling.

Take a break: Dog rescue can be exhausting

Rescue has been an instrumental part of my life — for well, most of my life.

Free date nights can help keep your marriage healthy

One of the biggest problems in marriage is communication.

40-year reunion of singing group filled with laughter, songs

After my wife and I were married in 1974, we lived in Victoria, about 150 miles up the coast from Corpus Christi.

What’s your peanut butter choice: Creamy or crunchy?

The most important question of our time is NOT about choosing the next president.

Houston quilt festival catalog filled with good information

Yesterday I received the Houston International Quilt Festival catalog in the mail. It always arrives mid-July every year — as long as I registered the year before. You can also see all the attractions and classes offered online at www.quilts.com and shows@quilts.com. Information is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use common sense — do not leave your dog in a hot car

Having tinted windows on my truck, I forget how spoiled I am sometimes.

Sharing my best memories of Killeen before leaving town

When I was growing up, I wanted to live so many other places in my life.

Take time to pause and be thankful this Fourth of July

I know there are at least two important birthdays in the month of July. I turn 64 on July 3.

Shipping a quilt requires care, specific packing

There are many occasions throughout the year that provide the necessity of mailing a quilt: Christmas, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, births, weddings or entering a show.

Prepare your pets for fireworks on Fourth of July

This week I wanted to talk to y’all about how important it is to prepare your pets for the fireworks that are only a few short weeks away.

Eating habits research finds ‘comfort’ foods not good for me

So I’ve thus far been able to adjust my life to incorporate more water, mild-to- moderate exercise,

End of school year brings memories of favorite teacher

You’re going to think my calculator has malfunctioned but I have been involved in education in some form or fashion for about 51 years.

2 friends realize dream and open Texas Quilt Museum

In November 2011, two friends, Karey Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes, realized their dream.

It is OK to have a favorite pet

I am emotionally invested in all of our pets, which should come as no shock to anyone who knows me or reads my columns.

Remodeling a bedroom for a fresh look

In the past year, I’ve been making efforts to improve my life by making changes to my routine, my physical health and my environment.

Lemonade Day is a good thing for budding entrepreneurs

The only way to improve a cold glass of lemonade is to have a Lemonade Day.

My answers to security questions seem to baffle Mr. IRS

My daughter, Madie, has urged me for years to submit my tax return online.

The world of quilting has changed

Gone are the days when beginning quilters had to physically sign up for quilting classes at a quilt store or at an activities center, then pack up their supplies and projects and go to that store or center where an instructor would conduct the class.

Improving physical health involves demon of exercise

Several months ago, I wrote a Community Voices column about making changes to my life, improving my mental health by being more mindful of my physical well-being.

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