On Black Friday, I had no plans. So I decided to travel to several places just to see what the heck was so special. Wow, was I shocked to view how people acted on this special day of sales. From Harker Heights to Lampasas, in stores from Best Buy to Wally World, where all you see is electronics going out the door and people parking up front to get the “big deal” — it was sad. It was obvious some of those people spent their rent money just for a big screen TV — which could have been put on layaway for the same price.

While in these places, I heard a small child cuss out his mom and call her names — not once but several times because he wanted a toy. I asked her why she did not correct her son for his extreme disrespect and all she did was smile and said her son did not mean it. That child has heard someone else call his mother that name on more than one occasion and now at his young age, he thinks it is acceptable behavior to do the same if he does not get his way. Sadly, she has lowered her standards and has very low self-esteem to allow anyone to call her this. What is the world coming to when a child can get away with talking to his parents in that way? Back in my day, if I would have tried that with my mother. I would have not had any teeth left.

In another store, I witnessed a fight break out over some items that both parties wanted and neither got because they were escorted out of the store and off to jail. At another store, folks tried to get sales prices even past the end times. And for what purpose? Each store had a sales goal and knew what it was doing. I bet they surpassed the target goal and will put the same TV on sale in a few more weeks because Christmas is coming and Black Friday was just the foundation of what is yet to come.

Just how many spent their rent money on Black Friday and will be looking for handouts in the next few weeks? How many spent car payments, insurance, water, electric, rent and food money?

Now, they will ask for help from the many charitable organizations available stating they had an emergency and are not able to pay their bills. But their Christmas shopping was all completed in the honor of a big screen TV on Black Friday.

It seems many have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas — the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Regardless of your level of faith, Christmas should be about being kind to your fellow man and should be about giving from the heart — not the electronics aisle. And it should be about being responsible for yourself and those entrusted in your care. It should not be about materialism and taking advantage of charity. Black Friday was just another day of living in the ’hood. Just another day of wishing that folks would be more responsible and get their priorities in order.

Craig Lacy lives in Copperas Cove.

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