Well, I made it to the end of my term. I was term-limited. So, I could not seek re-election. Marty Smith won the election vote for position #4 and is going to be sworn in on the Nov. 19. I wish Marty good luck in her term as a city council member and know she will thoroughly enjoy serving our city.

All of our citizens supported my service to the city in so many different ways that my terms as city councilman went very quickly. Thank you to all of my supporters.

The first lesson I learned as a city councilman was that you need four votes to get anything approved on the council. The agenda is published, and I would read the entire agenda and study up on all of the subjects so that I both knew the subjects and could ask questions of the city’s subject matter experts to fully understand the items I would be voting on. I always gave great consideration to the agenda items and how they would affect the citizens, to include the children of our children.

I was able to see so much happen in our city as it continues to grow and move into the future. We have the greatest leaders and they have the knowledge to continue to build and improve our great city.

The Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation is working hard on the future plans to bring jobs to our city on both the east and west ends.

The highlights of things that I got a chance to be involved in being built in our great city were our movie theater, the shop at Five Hills, and so many more progressive endeavors. The future is bright.

Our immediate future welcomes the new USAA building, Goodwill store, Panda Express, which is scheduled to open by the end of the month, and the ever-popular and healthy Chic-fil-A that should be opening before the new year.

New apartment buildings for our seniors and for our homeless opened up during my time on the council.

Constitution Avenue, Robert Griffin III Boulevard, and many other main thoroughfares opened.

Our new police department was also completed. It was rewarding to see so many positive things happening in our community.

We are fortunate to have an entire city staff dedicated to its job at hand. It is always willing to share information and even give classes if needed.

Both the police and fire departments are great sections to work with.

Our parks and recreation department is incomparable when it comes to providing sports activities for children and taking care of our golf course which is finally beginning to turn a profit.

The water department, solid waste department and all of the others that are too many to name are all doing their jobs to keep our city moving forward.

Serving on the city council proved to be an education, and I am grateful to all those that took the time to teach me those lessons.

Thank you to all who played a role in my success, which was the city’s success, as a city councilman.

I will miss sitting in that chair in the council chambers.

Danny Palmer is Copperas Cove City Councilman Place 4.

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