As I am writing these words, we are on day nine of the government shutdown. I turn on the news at 5 a.m. every day hoping a solution will be announced.

I find myself shaking my head every morning in utter disbelief. This country can ill afford the current situation.

Parties divided

I don’t think there has ever been a bigger divide between the two parties. Both claim to have the interest of the American people at heart.

Yet, scores of people sit at home without the ability to do their jobs and earn money for their families.

National parks are closed, which means the tourism industry is losing millions of dollars.

Hurts veterans

VA claims workers are sitting at home while the backlog of claims is at historic highs; veterans have to wait months and sometimes years for a decision on their claims.

The government haggled over the payout of death benefits to fallen soldiers’ families.

That is a sad situation and a slap in the faces of their families.

The shutdown is an unbelievable disaster of gigantic proportions.

Not only does the government show absolute disrespect for the American people, but it also shows how dysfunctional it is.

It’s embarrassing

It is an embarrassment not only nationally but also abroad. The United States of America is the last remaining superpower.

It is a symbol and beacon of freedom and opportunity throughout the world.

The credit worthiness and perhaps the global influence of the United States throughout the world may suffer.

Huge defense contractors are starting to lay off people by the thousands, not only here in the continental United States, but also abroad.

These are real lives, real people with bills and families to feed.

Unlike federal workers, they won’t have the chance for back-pay whenever the shutdown ends.

To the government I say: Pull your head out of from where the sun does not shine, wake up, smell reality and work out a deal before this country becomes the laughingstock of the world.

Contact Alexandra Cole at or (254) 501-7470.

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