Last weekend I was checking my Facebook and came across something called FMQ. Upon further investigation, I discovered FMQ stood for free motion quilting, and was a free series of videos by Angela Walters.

The series had already started but all the videos were there, so I watched them until I caught up. The last class for this series was in my email this morning and it was how to finish quilting your series quilt.

The series started with a smaller quilt top that contained 9-inch blocks joined by sashing and a border. You could make your own or order a kit from Angela.

Even though the FMQ series was for all machine quilters, I noticed Angela did her videos using a domestic machine. Since I signed on to join this group, all week I’ve been receiving postings from the quilters following along and practicing their FMQ patterns.

The series starts off with each block in the quilt using basic patterns and each block progressively gets harder, until all the blocks are quilted, each using a different pattern.

I’m pretty familiar with Angela and have bought two of her classes on Craftsy, (which I haven’t completed yet). She also hosts a video program called “The Midnight Quilter,” which is very entertaining. If you have time, search on YouTube and find it. If you do a search on YouTube you’re going to find so many quilting-related videos, you’ll never be able to watch them all.

Some of the videos I found were produced by Leah Day and Patsy Thompson. There are many videos concentrating on how to piece and how to applique. I’ve also discovered when I bought my new sewing machine I could watch videos that would teach me how to use it. Not having to sit with my owner’s manual on my lap is a huge advantage.

So how many of you are using the internet to its fullest capacity? I know I’m not, simply because I could spend hours and hours watching videos, reading blogs and looking at pictures of quilts when I really need to be quilting.

Last fall, after attending a class at the Houston International Quilt Festival, I received a free month’s subscription to I then signed up for a year’s subscription. After all, being in the “business” of quilting I felt it was my duty to try to keep abreast with what’s trending in the quilting industry.

This school is hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms, and several times a week I get an emailed newsletter from them. I tend to fall behind in reading these newsletters. also offers classes, which I haven’t watched a single one yet.

I keep telling myself once I get caught up on my client’s quilts I’ll be able to work on my own tops and maybe take a video class, or complete one of the ones I purchased from Craftsy. So instead of being able to keep up with the new FMQ series starting May 14 on my machine, I’ll have to bring out my sketch book and follow along with paper and pencil.

They say motion memory is practice. I guess we’ll find out.


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