Just a few short announcements. First, the Crossroads to Texas Quilt Guild’s Quilt Show will take place Sept. 7-8 at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. Many vendors and quilts to enjoy. Go to cttquildguild.org. It’s close enough for every quilter reading this to spend some time there.

Second, open enrollment for the International Quilt Festival in Houston can be accessed by going to quilts.com and selecting Houston. The festival is Nov. 8-11. The vendor and show area will open Nov. 7 for those registered.

If you plan to attend the show and hope to get into a class, you need to register ASAP because classes fill up quickly. You can register online or by fax.

Last year, our vacation took place at Padre Island. Even by the ocean the temps were up there. The only difference was that it was very windy, too.

This year we’re headed to Colorado. Seems strange to pack jeans and sweatshirts for a vacation. I will try to soak up as much cool weather as I can before returning home.

Hot weather doesn’t seem to stop quilters. Even if it’s too hot to be under a quilt sandwich to quilt it, there’s always the next quilt on our “to do wish list” that needs to be started.

Cutting and piecing can be done no matter what the temperature. I have lots of kits I’ve purchased over the years, so I don’t think I’ll ever run out of new quilts to start.

I am debating if I want to bring my sewing machine and a kit with me on vacation. We have several things planned to do while we’re there, but we’ve been at this resort before and every late afternoon the clouds roll down the valley and it rains for about an hour ... every day.

That would leave me time to piece while waiting for the rain to stop. There are no TV’s or phone service at this resort — another point to consider when thinking about bringing my machine.

What if the weather is really bad and we’re trapped in our cabin for more than the afternoon rain shower?

I’ve seen several ads lately about quilter’s cruises. I’d love to go on one. Two things are stopping me: one, I’m afraid that I’d be too seasick to attend any classes, and two, the cost.

If I go on a cruise, I’d want one of those fancy rooms with the glass wall and balcony to see the sights. I can save the money over time if I really decide to go, but the seasickness might be something I won’t be able to overcome.

People tell me I won’t even know I’m on a ship, but I got seasick going to the Dallas Quilt Show when it was held in the World Trade Center in Dallas up on the 14th floor. That building sways!

Hope the hot temperatures don’t stop you from quilting activities the rest of the summer. If you’re going on vacation, take your quilting with you. You never know if the weather is rotten and you need something to do.


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