Looking over the front page of our newspaper the other day, I read yet another article on animal cruelty.

Someone tied a puppy to a trash bin, and it died in the heat.

Animal cruelty, animal abuse, unjustified killings of domestic pets and abandoning them seem to be a growing problem.

Rarely a day goes by without a report of these kinds of crimes.

A person should always consider the amount of time and money that needs to be invested into caring for any kind of pet.

Yes, they are cute as puppies, but they grow up and live for several years. Ask yourself if you are willing to spend the money and give the time it takes to care for the animal.

If you answer no, then don’t get a pet.

What enrages me are the ways that people think of to get rid of unwanted pets.

They kill or maim them or drop them off somewhere where they surely will die.

There are shelters, several rescue groups, volunteers and people who care.

There are people who go out of their way to help animals and who put their own lives on hold. There is no need for cruelty.

Then, there are others who think hurting or killing domestic pets is fun. To them I say, it is cruel, stupid and tells a lot about your character.

My dad always says, “People who treat animals poorly are not good people.” Throughout my life, I have found that to be true.

The Lord gave us dominion over all animals on this earth, but nowhere does he say that killing or hurting them for fun is what he wants.

I implore anyone who is reading this to treat your pets kindly. Provide them with shelter, water and food.

The innocent deserve our protection. If you witness any kind of animal abuse, report it to the local police station or the Humane Society. God expects Christians to be sensitive to all of his creatures; he entrusted them to our care.

I will go home tonight and give my dogs an extra hug. Knowing how I am, I will probably shed a few tears for that puppy that died, alone, by a trash bin.

Contact Alexandra Cole at covenews@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7470.

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