Last week I received one of those chain emails, which I usually just delete, but the subject line hooked me. It read: “unusual animal friendships.” Cats and dogs aren’t that unusual to me, but these were intriguing.

There were a dog and an owl, a monkey and tiger cubs, a fox and a chicken and a cheetah and a gazelle. I found this to be simply amazing, especially if one considers the fact that most of these animals usually eat one another.

We are supposed to be at the top of the food chain, the most evolved species on this planet. If these animals can go against their natural instincts and form friendships, why do humans seem incapable at times of doing so?

There is a division in this country and racism on all sides. The world is turning, as I put it, “multi-culti” — people from all over are mixing and mingling, and the United States is a melting pot of many nations and colors. Yet there is still animosity and hate.

It is not only a division of colors but also a division of religions. This country was founded by people escaping religious persecution. Freedom of religion is one of the fundamental principles of the United States.

One should remember that no religion teaches violence and how to build bombs. A very few people twist religion and use it for their own political gains and their ability to brainwash.

It is easy to blame an entire people or an entire religion for the wrongdoing of a few. I admit I am guilty of that, too. When I board a plane and see a person who might be from the Middle East, I get nervous, but I realize most of them have a family who they love and cherish and can’t wait to get home to, just like I do.

Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to mistrust someone who is different in any way. Maybe we should try to look past that and see that some differences can enrich us.

Show kindness to people of all colors and creeds. Show swift justice to those who abuse that kindness.

By the way, the Hasan trial has become a mockery of the military justice system. I have never heard of a military trial being so publicized and so drawn out. How is that justice for the victims and their families?

I have my very own view of all the different religions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Native American religion — too many to list — are all splinters of the big picture that God painted. Mankind, so far, is too narrow-minded to put the puzzle together.

There is so much wrong in this world: hunger, natural disasters, wars and diseases. We should work on those and not waste energy on things we should rise above in the 21st century.

I watched my daughter make friends over the last four years since we moved back to the States. Children do not differentiate like we do. They do not care what color or creed their friends are. It is an awesome thing to watch and gives me hope for future generations.

Apparently, they are better than us.

Alexandra Cole is the Cove Herald office coordinator.

Contact Alex Cole at or (254) 501-7470

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