You can learn a lot from the little things. More often than not, the little things represent the whole. For instance, feet. They are the most important part of a woman’s body. Men don’t think about feet, but women do. We must. It’s part of our DNA. That is why shoes are so important and reflect the woman inside. If the shoes are nice, then the feet inside can’t be all that bad either, which also means the woman attached to those feet is pretty decent.

If her feet are nice, she probably drives a nice car, has a good family life with a loving spouse and got decent grades. She also smiles a lot, laughs even more and loves to sun bathe.

If she wears loafers or soft sole shoes, watch out! She means business and probably drinks alone and has off-shore accounts in gold to avoid the IRS. Make her your friend but never your enemy, because she knows how not to leave fingerprints.

However, if a woman wears sports shoes all the time, she will run you over and not even blink.

Like I said, the little things mean a lot.

After feet, come a woman’s knees. I know that I skipped the ankles, but they really speak for themselves. The knees, however, are often overlooked. Yet they support a woman and carry her forward. They allow her to stand her ground and give her the boost to pick up a metric ton, like lifting a car off a child in times of crisis.

Look at a woman’s knees to see if she lived a difficult but honorable life. Can you see wrinkles, scars, maybe nooks or crannies? She got them from kneeling on floors while scrubbing them spotless or wiping up poop, or from planting vegetables in a backyard garden because it was the only food for her family besides bologna sandwiches for dinner. She earned them the hard, decent way. Little things.

Believe it or not, the unsung hero of a woman is the jaw. It’s ignored. Shame on us. A woman’s jaw is where her beauty and strength reside. It doesn’t have to be chiseled to be strong. The jaw supports her smile and tightens when she is challenged.

The tip of the jaw beneath the chin is the perfect resting place for her thumb as one or two fingers cradle the upper jawline in an “L-shape” when she is pondering life-forming thoughts.

The jaw takes all the hits from her life, and it is the part that quivers when her heart is broken. A woman’s jaw matters a lot.

The next time you’re in the company of a woman you love, take a moment to look at these little things even if you’ve seen them thousands of times before. Really look at the little things.

Valerie L. Valdez is a drama instructor at Central Texas College.

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