The recent cold front seems like Texas is finally beginning to welcome in fall weather, so outdoor fun will start to become more sparse as the temperature continues to drop.

Luckily, the Copperas Cove Public Library has plenty of indoor fun to offer children and adults, and that starts with a healthy helping of new books.

One of the newest books to make its way to a shelf at the library is a book for the little ones: “Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess,” by Shari Green.

The story is about Macy, a deaf sixth-grader who is dealing with some big changes at home.

In addition to her mother getting ready to remarry a man with twin daughters and preparing for her family’s big move, she must also help her friend and neighbor Iris Gillan, who is getting ready to move into a nursing home.

Macy has to decide how she is going to deal with all the difficult changes coming her way.

Another book recently added to the library’s shelves is “The New Case for Gold,” by James Rickards.

In this book Rickards takes the time to explain why gold still manages to consistently be one of the safest assets for an investor. Rickards supplies case studies and monetary theory to back arguments promoting the stability of gold in times of market volatility.

Another book the library has added is actually a group, the “Ring of Fire” series, by Eric Flint. These science fiction novels tell a “what-if” alternate history, in which the residents of a modern-day West Virginia town are somehow sent back through time only to wind up participating in the Thirty Year War in Germany in 1632.

To find these books and more at the library, call 254-547-3826 or go to

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