We are still smack dab in the middle of holidays right now, which means a couple of things: one, people might officially be getting tired of their extended family; and two, burying your face in a good book is one of the best ways to tell your extended family “Don’t talk to me right now.”

With that in mind, the Copperas Cove Public Library will be open today to allow residents to make last-minute checkouts of a few books to carry them into the new year.

There are plenty of new books on the shelf at the end of the year, and they span nearly every genre, so there is something to appeal to nearly every taste.

For example, for those with both a love of science and a love of history, the library just recently put out “The Rise of Modern Science Explained: A Comparative History,” which looks to examine how science and technological advancements evolved the ways they did.

The book starts almost literally at the beginning, taking a look at cultures of ancient Greece and China and how their sciences evolved before jumping all the way to the works of Sir Isaac Newton near the end of the book.

For those readers who may enjoy a little more action and suspense in their novels, the library also recently acquired the newest Jack Reacher novel, “The Enemy” by Lee Child.

Number 8 in the Jack Reacher series, the novel jumps right in into the intrigue when a two-star general is found dead in a “love motel.”

Reacher is told to control the situation, but before he can even begin, things are spiraling out of control as soon as he arrives on the scene. As Reacher finds himself being set up to take the fall as a traitor, he has to race against the clock to unravel the deepening mystery.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, perhaps a taste of high fantasy will?

The library recently picked up several books in The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron, including the first novel “The Red Knight.”

As the leader of a small mercenary company, the Red Knight is determined to make some quick money, and so sends his company to protect an abbey that has been experiencing a high frequency of attacks.

However, the knight soon discovers the attacks are just a small part of a much more sinister plot, and works to uncover the truth of what is going on.

These books and more are available at the library right now. To find out more about what the library offers, call 254-547-3826 or go to www.copperascovetx.gov/library/.

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