JAN. 27

  • Martin Morgan was arrested on two counts of no valid inspection certificate and violating promise to appear.
  • Eraida Wilco was arrested on issuance of a bad check and motion to revoke for driving while intoxicated.
  • Danielle Torres was arrested for failure to attend school.

JAN. 26

  • Amanda Walker was arrested in relation to charges of parent contributing to nonattendance.
  • Irma Lopez was arrested in relation to charges of possession of drug paraphernalia.

JAN. 25

  • Garrett Featherston of the 500 block of Hayloft Circle was arrested Saturday on possession of under 2 ounces of marijuana, possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle, and expired motor vehicle inspection.
  • Sean O’Brien was arrested in the 500 block of Hayloft Circle on drunk in public charges.
  • Antonio Clemons was arrested in the 400 block of Sunset Lane for possession of under 2 ounces of marijuana.

JAN. 23

  • Michael Evans was arrested on charges of speeding 32 mph in a 20 mph school zone.
  • Ashley Tijerina was arrested for harassment.
  • Mareena Hendrick of the 400 block of South 25th Street was arrested for allegedly stealing a cellphone and for being in possession of tobacco under age.
  • Joshua Carter was arrested on charges of forgery of a government document.

JAN. 22

  • Leslie Williams was arrested on a motion to revoke driving privileges pursuant to driving while intoxicated charges.

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