Iran, Greece, France, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan — students and their families traveled around the world getting their passports stamped all while staying within in the walls of S. C. Lee Junior High School.

S.C. Lee Junior High celebrated its inaugural multicultural night with seventh and eighth grade students showcasing not only their cultures, but others that are found throughout Texas and around the world.

Visitors were able to stop and enjoy the exhibits and get a little bit of history while enjoying some delicious samples from each culture as students and volunteers shared a little piece of who they are.

Students including Graden Zook enjoyed getting their school passport stamped with all of the places he visited.

“It was very interesting to learn about different parts of the world,” Zook said. “I got all the stamps.”

Students, visitors, and staff members could go to the coloring area, get their faces painted, get a henna tattoo or choose from two photo booths, as well as taste traditional food from around the world.

Students eagerly lined up for the great work of henna tattoo artist Jocelyn Larkin.

Visitors also got to enjoy a puppet show, poetry, as well as dancers including the The Ballet Folclórico de Borikén, and the Puerto Rican Kids.

Student Oriana Amituanai, one of the performers, was proud to be dancing a song from her heritage.

“I can show my friends where I am from,” Amituanai said.

The performers said that is a joy to dance and represent their island and that having the opportunity to share each other’s cultures is very important for the children.

S. C. Lee Junior High plans to host the multicultural festival on an annual basis

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