Eighth-graders got an inside look of Copperas Cove High School during the school’s Bulldawg Welcome on Tuesday night.

Incoming students watched dance teams perform in the hallways and drills conducted by JROTC members. Parents and students talked to CCHS students and faculty members to learn more about the school.

“It’s a great way for students to get to know their school,” said John Gallen, a special education teacher in his 20th year. “It’s a great sneak peek for the eighth-graders.”

Dayna Mellberg, the school’s librarian, said the program helps reduce the stress of students’ first day of school.

“They’ll still be nervous, but they will know their way around a little better,” she said. “They can see people who they saw here, and it can help them adjust.”

Members of clubs and organizations from the school manned stations throughout the high school.

“What’s great about this,” Mellberg said, “is that this gives students a chance to figure out what they want to do at the school without dealing with the hectic nature of the first days of class in the fall.”

Students who pitched their clubs to prospective members also praised the event.

“We’re out here supporting what we like to do,” said junior David Spicer, the editor-in-chief of the high school’s newspaper, the Blue Beacon. “I enjoy the paper, but I want to be a commercial pilot. If that doesn’t work out, I can fall back to writing. It’s fun, and I enjoy it.”

Eighth-grader Kaleb Iles said he was interested in joining the JROTC program.

Daniella Matherly, the mother of eighth-grader Carrie Matherly, said the event was fun and provided a lot of useful information.

Carrie said she enjoyed hearing about FFA and the swim team. She added she was still anxious about navigating the halls next fall.

“I was hoping to learn my way around the school,” Carrie said. “We got a map, but I’m not very direction-orientated.”

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