I’m not difficult to shop for.

When my extended family draws names for our annual present exchange, everyone writes down a couple things they want within the agreed budget. My list never changes. I always write, “Anything,” followed by a list of my favorite teams.

I’ve received shirts, slippers, hats and even a piggy bank adorned with my teams’ colors, and I was thrilled with each one.

I think most sports nuts are like me. Give them something with their favorite schools’ logo on it, and they’ll be happy.

Some people want to be a little more creative, however, when it comes to giving their special sports enthusiast a gift this year. So, here are some ideas any junkie should go gaga over on Christmas morning.

Television game package: My wife gives me the NFL Sunday Ticket every year for Father’s Day, and I love it. Fans can watch any game on Sundays, and they offer the Red Zone Channel, which virtually eliminates the need for a remote control, showing every score from every game as it happens.

It is kind of expensive, but well worth the investment if the recipient is passionate about football. Make sure the person has Sunday’s off of work before purchasing it, though. Otherwise, it is worthless.

Additionally, if the NFL is not their thing, there are plenty of similar packages offered, including ones for college football or basketball, NBA and NHL.

Game ticket: Sending someone to a game is about as good as it gets. There is nothing like the experience of actually being on hand for a big game.

Plus, if you give two tickets, it almost guarantees they will take you along. So, if you want to be shrewd, pick a game you really want to see as well, but don’t pout if the ticket goes to someone else. After all, the holidays are about giving, not receiving.

Memorabilia: Sports memorabilia typically has some sort of historical content, and when the right piece and the right person are paired, it can quickly conjure fond memories.

You name it, and it is available somewhere. Imagine the reaction of seeing someone unwrap a signed Babe Ruth baseball or a vintage Dallas Cowboys’ program from the Tom Landry era.

Sports memorabilia is a huge market with prices that cover the spectrum. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to get something unique and interesting.

Video game: Sometimes, the only thing better than watching superstar athletes perform is pretending to be one. Thanks to modern technology, anybody can virtually suit up as LeBron James in NBA2K14 or throw a pinpoint spiral like Drew Brees in Madden NFL 25.

Not everybody enjoys video games, but plenty of people, sports fans included, are addicted to those things.

Magazine subscription: Another gift that keeps on giving and can usually be purchased for next to nothing. There are plenty of specialty publications covering everything from running and skateboarding to rock climbing and swimming to choose from, while more mainstream fans might prefer something like Sports Illustrated or ESPN The Magazine.

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