Bulldawgs’ postseason hopes ride on tonight’s must-win game against Knights - Sports - Mobile Adv

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Bulldawgs’ postseason hopes ride on tonight’s must-win game against Knights

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MAJAG89: FACT: Cove's three district wins were by an average 23 points a game.
FACT: In those three wins they gave up an average of 27 points a game.
FACT: In their four losses (3 so far in district) this year, Cove' defense is giving up an AVERAGE of 46 points a game and has allowed 5 teams to score over 40 points on them.
WARNING: All five teams that Cove let score 40 points or more featured bruising running games. Knights feature #4 rushers in district.


Friday, November 8, 2013, 1:31 pm


MAJAG89: Could you be more balant in your coverage.
Cove and Heights need the EXACT same sequence of events to make the playoffs.
Both teams must win tonight's game AND then Temple must beat Killeen.
Yet despite this you continue to characterize Heights' chances as an "outside shot".
It's the same shot!!!!!
The question remains the same for this over-hyped, over-exposured Cove team that KDH refuses to cover objectively.
Will Cove play Ole defense yet again?
If they give up 40 plus (again for the sixth time this season) odds are sit out the playoffs.
Even if they win, odds are they sit out the playoffs since the outcome of Temple's game has zero impact on Temple's playoff position.
Killeen has everything to play for and a motivated senior class determined to return to the playoffs.
Last team with the ball wins this game. 51-49

Friday, November 8, 2013, 7:57 am