For some people, it’s never enough.

The college football season recently culminated with one of the best national championship games in recent history as Alabama needed overtime to complete a 13-point rally and beat Georgia 26-23.

And this game had everything.

Along with the dramatic comeback, the contest was sprinkled with tons of drama, historical relevance, excitement, overflowing emotions and plenty of the unexpected.

It was an amazing way to end the season, but before the Crimson Tide even hoisted the trophy, there was controversy.

While the title game and both College Football Playoff games leading up to Monday were all pretty spectacular, for some people, it wasn’t enough to crown a true champion.

Central Florida went undefeated this season but did not even sniff the playoff picture, finishing 12th in the final rankings, and the program’s fans feel cheated.

UCF athletic director Danny White went as far as to proclaim the Knights national champions, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott openly agreed. Heck, there was even a parade for the team at Disney World.

So, now, after a memorable College Football Playoff, we’ve got to deal with this.

I’ll agree UCF fans should feel somewhat slighted.

After all, the Knights played their schedule perfectly, which is all they can do, but unfortunately, a team’s best is not always enough.

It happens almost every year — some deserving team is denied a chance to play for the title.

In fact, it was happening so often, the powers that be created the College Football Playoff to widen the field to create a more legitimate champion.

So far, it’s done its job, but I would like to see even more teams included, like UCF or the Boise States of the past.

Even then, though, it would not please everyone.

Just look at college basketball. The NCAA Tournament begins with a whopping 68 teams, but every year, team No. 69 feels cheated.

The line has to be drawn somewhere, and there is always going to be at least one team barely inside of it and several more on the outside.

I understand how disappointing it is for UCF fans who honestly feel the Knights could go head to head with Alabama, and maybe they could.

Anything is possible in sports.

But it’s time to accept the fact, the scenario is nonsense.

The College Football Playoff system is what it is, and most of the general population would probably agree it could be tweaked, but it’s working.

This year, however, UCF are arguing its flaws, and next year it will be another fan base.

No matter what, for some people, it’s never enough.

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