Football: Ellison v. Copperas Cove

Copperas Cove’s Breyon Jackson makes a diving play against Ellison’s Reggie Jackson last season.

Breyon Jackson has high hopes for Copperas Cove football. The Bulldawgs cornerback enters his senior year as the team’s second-leading returning tackler, recording 89 tackles, including 57 solo, and intercepting a pass during a stellar junior season.

Jackson is a member of Copperas Cove’s 7-on-7 team responsible for earning the program’s first berth at the Texas 7-on-7 Championships since 2010.

Coupled with one of the state’s top offenses, Jackson believes the Bulldawgs and their defense will be a force at College Station next week. More importantly, he also thinks Copperas Cove will excel during the regular season as it looks to reach the playoffs for an 11th consecutive year.

Herald reporter Clay Whittington recently spoke with Jackson.

How do you feel the 7-on-7 team has been playing so far?

I think we’ve played tremendous. We’ve stepped up a lot on both sides of the ball.

What do you think specifically about the defense?

Our defense is looking great. Everyone is playing aggressive, being competitive and we are all retaining things.

Have you seen significant improvements in the 7-on-7 team since starting?

We started the season on point, but out of all the areas, we’ve really focused on the fundamentals, technique, and our jobs and what we are supposed to do. It is working, and it is making us all better players and athletes.

Personally, how have you felt this summer?

I’m having a pretty good summer, and my coaches are preparing me for the regular season, which is really great. They are focusing on getting me faster and improving my ball skills.

Obviously, 7-on-7 football is not real football, but can success now translate into the regular season?

In a way, it can translate. It helps us become better at technique-wise, but football isn’t 7-on-7. So, it is important, but at the same time, it’s not important.

So, how badly do you want to win at state?

I want to win very badly. I want to go up there and blow it up.

What has to happen for Copperas Cove to make a run at the title?

We have to communicate with each other, be on the same page and not have any mental breakdowns.

There is basically a three-week layoff between your last week of league play and state. What is the team doing to stay on point?

Sometimes we will plan with each other to get together some time during the week to go outside and do drills together or play some 1-on-1 to get each other better.

Do you do anything by yourself to stay prepared?

Yes, I do. I do cone drills to keep my hips turning and to get better and directional movement. I also do ball drills to catch a lot better because that is one thing I need to work on. I do that about every other day.

Looking beyond 7-on-7, how do you see the defense coming together for the regular season?

I think our defense is going to be pretty nasty this year. I think we are going to bring an attitude to the game.

We have to bring an attitude to the game if we are going to be one of the best in the state.

Is it good to get a taste of elite competition during 7-on-7 to help prepare you mentally for the regular season?

Yes, it can definitely translate. We’re going to be going against some of the top talent in the state.

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