Lampasas sophomore third baseman Marissa Maldonado posted 20 hits, 10 RBIs, and scored 10 runs, while delivering a .308 batting average.  The output earned her all-district first-team recognition for a second consecutive season.

How does it feel to be on the all-district first team again?

“It feels pretty good.  It’s just due to my abilities and play on the field.  I’m very pleased.”

After making first-team as a freshman, did you have the goal of doing it again?

“Yes it was (my goal).  At the beginning of the season, I was hurt.  So, I was out for a little bit and couldn’t do anything.  I was just like, ‘Dang, I can’t do anything now.’  But eventually, I got used to it.  I got back into my rhythm and started from there.”

What was it like dealing with your shoulder injury?

“Well, it happened during last summer, when I was playing softball in Dallas.  I was pitching, and I tore my rotator cuff.  I didn’t have to have surgery, but there was lots of rehab.”

What was that process like?

“It was horrible.  I had to exercise, and then I’d have to do nothing.  It was hard for me because I’m athletic, and I’m always moving.  So, I had to be lazy for a couple days.”

How did that affect you coming into the season?

“I was nervous about my arm.  I was scared I’d get hurt again and be out the whole, entire season or not be able to play softball again.”

At what point did you start feeling comfortable again?

“The second or third district game is when I started feeling more into and stopped thinking about it any more.  Then, I just started worrying about my game.”

Sounds like you played a lot of the season with pain.  How did that affect you on the field?

“It affected me a lot at the beginning, but once I got used to it, I was like, ‘It’s okay, I can live with this and deal with it.’”

How did it feel once you finally realized you were back to your old self?

“It was a relief for me because I could finally play the way I wanted to.”

Does the fact you started district injured make the recognition more special?

“Yes because this was not my best year.”  

What is it like to have your little sister (Alyssa Maldonado) also land on the first team?

“That is great to hear.  She is always trying to beat me.  There is a lot of competition between us.”

Has it always been like that with you two?

“Yes.  Always.  And it is in anything.  If I do a sport, she does a sport.  She has to always try to beat me.”

So, who usually wins?

“Me.  Well, in some sports.  She can beat me in basketball, but other than that, I’m pretty good.”

What is it like to play with your sister?

“It’s good because I know she’s got my back and I’ve got her back.  We are always working together.”

Have you already established goals for next year?

“No.  I’m on a select team – The Freeze – from Austin.  This is my first year.  I didn’t even tryout for the team, but they said I could play on it.”

“I’ll be traveling all around the United States.  We are going to California, Oklahoma, Florida – all around.  This is my first time out of the state, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

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