For what feels like an eternity, we’ve been hearing the rumors.

Mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor and boxing phenom Floyd Mayweather have been exchanging verbal jabs and theatrics for months and months with the threat of an unheralded crossover fight constantly at the forefront of the conversation.

On Wednesday, it was announced the mega match will take place on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas under standard boxing rules with 12 rounds, 10-ounce gloves and a 154-pound weigh limit.

While some were bored to death by the back and forth en route to this point, losing interest in the bout all together, and others feel it is a mockery to one sport or the other, there are literally millions foaming at the mouth to see these guys punch one another.

I’ve never been a big boxing fan, but I am intrigued.

After all, this might be the most anticipated clash of styles inside a ring since 1982, when Rocky fought Thunderlips in Rocky III.

For all the fanfare this fight will receive over the next two months or so, it has the potential of being a complete bust once the bell rings.

Undefeated through the first 49 fights of his professional career, Mayweather — a 15-time world champion — is widely considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, and even at 40 years old, his skills are impeccable.

And lets face it, McGregor is stepping into Mayweather’s world.

Despite being 11 years younger, possessing an impressive 21-3 record with just one loss since 2010, McGregor’s knowledge and experience in the sweet science of boxing pale in comparison.

Las Vegas certainly agrees with oddsmakers listing Mayweather as an 11-1 favorite.

The fight itself, however, is almost the least attractive part of this whole fantasy encounter.

With literally hundreds of millions of dollars on the table, including a projected $475 million in pay-per-view sales, according sports business reporter Darren Rovell, the hype should be spectacular.

McGregor and Mayweather are consummate showmen, willing to go to outlandish lengths in order to create fervor around their fights. There’s a reason Mayweather collected more than $700 million and career earnings and his 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao was the highest-grossing, single-day sporting event ever, pulling in more than $600 million.

I’m fully expecting insults, comebacks and potentially chairs or water bottles to be thrown during the next few months as the anticipation builds and the pair grows closer to throwing fists.

I certainly won’t be paying the ridiculous ticket prices to be there in person, and I refuse dish out the near $100 to see it live on pay-per-view, but if I can find a way to watch it for free, I will.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about the competitors or the matchup, this fight is a milestone in sports history and the build-up has been and should continue to be legendary, drawing eyeballs from every corner of the globe.

The only question is, will this fight be a hit or a punch line once the bell rings?

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