Morgan Rogers


Lampasas junior golfer Morgan Rogers has reached the Class 3A state tournament in each of her first two seasons with the Lady Badgers and recently won the individual championship at the District 8-3A tournament after posting a two-day total of 151.

With Rogers leading the way, Lampasas finished second to advance to regionals for a third consecutive season.

How does it feel to be a district champion?

“It was different. I wasn’t really expecting it because, normally, it is my team winning it and not me as an individual.

It was different, but it was very relaxing and very relieving that I was able to come through and do that. … It was different not seeing the old teammates there.

Starting off with a fresh new team and having only one person from last year staying on your team, it was weird. But it was kind of a nice, new feeling.”

Could you tell you were putting together a special showing as you played?

“Actually, after the first day, I knew everyone was coming after me, and I had a big target on my back. I knew I had to pull through.

It started pretty rough for me, and then, as it was going, it started getting better and it just released a lot of pressure and lifted a weight off my shoulders.

Turning the corner at two over, I felt pretty good. It felt like I kind of had it in the bag after that.”

Several of your old teammates are still in the district. What was it like competing against them?

“It is very odd. It is very weird. I played with Lauren Beckwith, who moved to Burnet, (at district) and it was kind of nice, but I wasn’t playing with her. I was playing against her.

It was just weird because you sit there and talk about the different golf programs and how much it has changed.

Then, I turn around and Lauren Davis, who moved from us to Gatesville, and I see her back there talking about her golf program.

It was different looking around and seeing them in different colors and not beside me.”

You’ve had lots of success throughout your career so far. How nice is that?

“It is very nice because it is nice going into regionals having been there before as a freshman and a sophomore.

You know what you are expecting and you know what you are going up for and how to prepare yourself.

With our team being as young as it is, it is nice getting out of district and advancing to regionals, hoping they can experience the same thing I have and learn from it.”

What is it going to take to keep your season going as a team at regionals?

“It is going to take lower than a 340, which we shot at (the second round of district) at Llano.

I’m pretty sure we are capable of it. I feel like if everyone is playing good and everyone keeps an open mind, we can make it out as a team, but we switched regions, and we are in a very tough region this year.

It is going to be a hard one, and it is going to be close.”

What will allow you to be satisfied with your high school career as a whole after you graduate?

“Advancing to state both years would be awesome. Placing as an individual, even if I don’t go as a team, (would be great).

We got third place my freshman year and second my sophomore year. It would be awesome to have that one gold medal in that collection of medals.

Even if I don’t get a gold medal, just knowing I made it to state all four years of my high school career would just be awesome.

It is one of those things not everyone can say they’ve done.”

How much dedication will it take to achieve that?

“It takes hours of practice.

You know where you’ve been, and it just one of those things you crave to do every year. You crave to go there every year.

You don’t want to leave yourself hanging short and just give up. You want to go that extra mile and push yourself as far and as hard as you can.

You kind of have to forget about friends, forget about plans and it is basically golf from start to end.

There is no real break in golf season. It is one of those things where if you don’t swing your club for two days, it can bite you in the butt pretty hard.”

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