Copperas Cove Quarterback Club kicked off its “paint the town blue campaign” during its meeting last week with Copperas Cove Independent School District’s Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Jack Welch.

With Xs and Os chalked up and game film running behind him, Welch and the nearly 50 Quarterback Club members focused on the Bulldawgs’ matchup with A&M Consolidated. The group gathered at the Copperas Cove High School’s Athletic Annex and asked Welch and his assistants for insight into the upcoming game and season.

Trying to inspire the mood for the week’s game, members proudly donned their blue and gold Bulldawgs shirts in support of the “paint the town blue” campaign.

“We want to sell T-shirts and memorabilia to the businesses and residents of Copperas Cove,” said Quarterback Club member Sherry Hoffpauir. “The idea is to paint the town blue every Friday, where the businesses and residents here in Copperas Cove can all wear blue to show support for the football team.”

A Copperas Cove graduate in 1973 and Quarterback Club member for 19 years, Hoffpauir believes the campaign will inspire pride among the football team and city.

“This is just a way for us to come together as a town,” she said. “If someone from out of town comes and eats at a restaurant or cashes a check here in Cove, and we’re all wearing blue, they would instantly see that we are backing our team, that we have pride in our city.”

Welch commended the newest undertaking and said he was grateful for the support for his football squad. “The Quarterback Club has always done a great job in supporting this team,” Welch said. “This newest campaign is just another example of how this town supports its high school. We are fortunate that we are a one high school town, and when you are a one high school town you’ve got control of the city. The town can rally around you completely.”

Herald/Erik Papke​

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