LAMPASAS — Recommendations for changing the wording in the county’s sexual harassment policy and the outline of eligibility of benefits for employees didn’t set well with one county commissioner on Monday.

After a presentation of the revisions from Dorothy Person, human resources director, Precinct 1 Commissioner Robert Vincent Jr. said some of the county’s policies are unsatisfactory, unclear to the reader and without his support.

“I’ll be truthful with you, I got kind of upset,” Vincent said. “We’ve had a (human resources) committee to discuss this, and to my knowledge, none of this has come before the committee before it came to us. I think all this needs to go back to the committee and to others; I don’t want to have the feelings I have, and I will not approve anything the way it is set up.”

Person said the revisions clarified the county’s stance on sexual harassment and outlined the eligibility of benefits for part-time and full-time employees, adding that the suggestions came from a mandatory sexual harassment workshop that took place earlier this month.

“Policies are always being updated as required by law, but generally, these policies have been in place since 2008,” Person said. “I did try to get a hold of (commissioners,) but I was told you didn’t want to participate in the meetings anymore.”

County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse said the court will hold off on making any decisions on the revisions until another meeting with county officials, department heads and employees takes place. Person said she was happy to address specific concerns and requested at least one commissioner volunteer to attend the meeting as a representative.

However, Vincent said he didn’t feel he was the best candidate to represent the group, and no other commissioners volunteered.

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