LAMPASAS — The Lampasas Municipal Airport will soon undergo a facelift with plans to renovate the existing facilities after receiving financial help from state and federal entities.

“We’re going to add a few more hangars, repave the asphalt around the existing hangars and redo the entry to the front entrance,” Airport Manager and Parks and Recreation Director Micky Tower said.

With financial contributions from both the Texas Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division and the Federal Aviation Administration, the city was awarded a capital improvement grant. The first phase of the project, repaving the asphalt around the existing hangars, should get underway by May or June.

“We’ve done the advertising, and TxDOT is overseeing the project. TxDOT negotiates the agreements to have the work done,” Tower said. “TxDOT aviation acts as the agent, and the city is the sponsor. TxDOT handles most of the legwork in this process through their Aviation Capital Improvement Program.”

Tower said the engineering firm of Park, Hill, Smith & Cooper, based in Lubbock, was chosen to do the work.

The city was awarded a 90/10 split matching capital improvement grant, with the city paying 10 percent of the projected costs.

Phase one, repaving the asphalt around the hangars, will cost approximately $125,000, with the city paying $12,500. Phase two, building new hangers and extending the runway by at least 800 feet, is expected to cost between $470,000 and $480,000, with the city paying at least $47,000 toward improving the airport.

“The good thing about general aviation is, the FAA has made it a lot easier for smaller airports to pay for these renovations through TxDOT’s Aviation Division,” City Manager Finley deGraffenried said.

In addition to extending the runway, the airport board’s “wish list” for future renovations includes: providing a courtesy car/shuttle for pilots who use the Lampasas facility; renovating the area that serves as the pilots’ lounge; and providing full service fixed-base operations and aeronautical services.

“Once we get to the pricing phase, most of our contracts are completed within 180 days,” Tower said. “We hope to have the work finished by this August or September.”

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