By Sgt. Daniel D. Blottenberger

Multinational Corps-Iraq public affairs

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Coalition forces and members of Iraq’s Criminal Investigation Department met Saturday to discuss the progress and future of the Iraqi Criminal Investigation Department.

Members of the 18th Military Police Brigade Police Transition Team, along with Brig. Gen. David Phillips, Civilian Police Assistance Training Team deputy commander, discussed the future of the Iraqi CID with some of Baghdad’s top officials and CID provincial commanders from across Iraq.

“This meeting is to decide what is needed in the Criminal Investigation Department and to plan how we can provide it,” said Jawad al-Bulani, Iraq’s Minister of Interior, during the conference.

Attendees of the conference discussed the different systems that the CID needed to better improve the program.

“We talked about the different types of systems needed to help improve the overall effectiveness of the Iraq CID. They also talked about tracking criminals who go from one province to another, and how to keep communications between provinces when this type of thing happens,” said Maj. Thomas Lombardo, 18th Military Police Brigade’s operations officer.

The members of the conference also discussed the progress that has been made in decreasing the violence in Iraq.

“This progress in Iraq shows the importance of our security efforts in Iraq,” said al-Bulani in reference to recent trends of the decreasing violence in Iraq.

The Iraqi Minister of Interior credits the CID success to the performance of the provincial directors.

“Directors of this department have stayed up late at night to make sure the job is done. They want the Iraqis to know we will fight and prevent crimes,” al-Bulani said.

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