By 1st Lt. Nicholas Swab

Special to the Hood Herald

CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq - A successful deployment is not only defined by how a unit conducts operations in theater, but also how they redeploy to their home station.

Leaders with the 47th Transportation Company, 110th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 36th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command, are now making sure their upcoming transfer of authority with the 319th Transportation Company and redeployment is as successful as their deployment.

Sgt. 1st Class Benjamin Migliore, a platoon sergeant with 47th Transportation Company is one of the key leaders in the company coordinating the redeployment.

Officers and noncommissioned officers in the unit must coordinate several obligation, including ceremonies and unit movement in preparation for transferring authority to an incoming company, Migliore said.

"Everybody has to do their part in order to successfully support our current mission and redeployment. It takes all (the) leadership in the company to make this a success," he said.

Capt. Ricky McArthur, a platoon leader with the 47th Transportation Company, is working to ensure all the unit's equipment is entered into the Automatic Reset Induction program. The ARI program is how the Army ensures that equipment will function to its designed capability and be fit to return to the Army supply system after a unit redeploys. Within the last month, McArthur has processed more than 610 items into ARI, he said.

"It's an essential part of redeployment and supporting the fight to make sure all equipment is returned to the supply system," McArthur said.

McArthur is also preparing to work with the 319th Transportation Company's theater integration issues once the unit arrives in Kuwait. He will introduce them to combat logistical operations, life support and standard operating procedures they will follow while at Contingency Operating Base Adder, he said.

"I'm going to Kuwait to assist in their transition and assess what we need to do in order to adequately prepare the 319th to assume (their) mission," he said. "They are ready and motivated to get started with the mission."

Sgt. Justin Painter, supply sergeant with the 47th Transportation Company, facilitates the unit's ability to leave Iraq by ensuring all of the unit's necessary pre-departure actions have occurred. He is making sure all 47th equipment is inventoried and all necessary supplies are ready for packing and transportation back to the United States. He has also worked to clear unit accounts throughout the entire theater of operations, he said.

"I've cleared the supply support activity, central issue facility, heater/organizational property and all accounts we have that help sustain the soldier life support and ability for us to complete our mission," Painter said. "Clearing all accounts is one more step to getting us home."

First Lt. Mark Alfers, executive officer with the 47th Transportation Company, and 1st Lt Angel McMichael, a platoon leader with the 47th Transportation Company, are working on the transfer of authority and awards ceremonies.

"It's been quite an adventure planning these events," Alfers said. "We've done everything from coordinating the scripts for each event and making sure the programs, personnel, color guard and soldiers know what to do and why it's being done."

"The planning and efforts put into redeployment are both a very big hurdle to overcome, but the reward of going home is worth it," McArthur said.

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