2 soldiers nominated for awards

U.S. Army/Staff Sgt. Mark Albright - Capt. Nadia L. Traylor, Spc. William Aycock, center, and 1st Sgt. Gerard Baza pose at Contingency Operating Site Kalsu, Iraq. Traylor was nominated for the Lt. Gen. Sydney Weinstein Award for excellence in military intelligence. Aycock was nominated for the Command Sgt. Maj. Doug Russell Award. Both soldiers are assigned to the 66th Military Intelligence Company. - -

By Staff Sgt. Mark Albright

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

public affairs

BABIL, Iraq - Being a superior soldier is the goal of all soldiers. Identification as a top performer is the path to that recognition from your peers.

Capt. Nadia L. Traylor, 66th Military Intelligence Company, commander, and Spc. William Aycock, also from the 66th Military Intelligence Company, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, have been nominated for two separate Army-wide military intelligence awards for their outstanding performance while serving in the regiment.

Based on their superior contributions to the regiment's critical mission in southern Iraq, the two were nominated for the Lt. Gen. Sydney Weinstein Award and the Command Sergeant Major Doug Russell Award.

The Weinstein award is for excellence in military intelligence for company-grade officers. The Russell award recognizes the outstanding achievements of enlisted soldiers, sergeant and below, within the military intelligence community. Both are awarded annually.

Traylor, a military intelligence officer, serves as the top officer in the unit as the company commander. She advises the regimental intelligence section and the regimental commander on the capabilities of the 66th's assets and how to best use them in the unit's current area of responsibility in Iraq. She is ultimately responsible for the ability of the company to provide intelligence products to the regimental commander in support of the regiment's mission. Her responsibilities also include the health and welfare of 94 soldiers in the unit and their families.

"A major part of my job is providing the regiment the capabilities that are required to operate in Iraq," Traylor said. "I get to do that a lot through-out the regiment for the squadrons and the headquarters."

Aycock is a signal intelligence linguist in Farsi who serves as an intelligence analyst for the unit. He is responsible for analyzing intelligence data and creating products for the regimental commander in order to assist the unit's Iraqi counterparts.

He collects information from multiple sources and compiles it to have a complete understanding of the operations conducted by the regiment.

"Before I came here, I never studied the signal intelligence field, but when I got into it, I really liked the work and the pacing. I get to fight against the insurgents on a daily basis," Aycock said.

Aycock has learned he did not earn the Russell award but did compete well among the other soldiers who were nominated.

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