By Spc. Christopher Gaylord

13th Public Affairs Detachment

Some of the soldiers in the 11th Military Police Battalion (Criminal Investigation Command) have never deployed before. Some have never left the United States, and a couple have been to the Middle East and back five times.

The battalion cased its colors at Starker Gym April 27 in anticipation of its mission to investigate both U.S. and foreign personnel all across Iraq in the event of unlawful circumstances.

With about 100 soldiers, the battalion will situate its headquarters in Kuwait and disperse four- to 11-man teams to different forward operating bases throughout Iraq, depending on the size of the base.

Though headquartered at Fort Hood when not deployed, more than half of the 11th Military Police Battalion will consist of Criminal Investigation Command soldiers from across the country and a few from other parts of the world. The career field is a scarce asset within the Army, and about 40 are from Fort Hood.

The other 60 soldiers, who arrived at Fort Hood more than a month ago, trained extensively together and have been placed into three separate military police detachments originally from Fort Sam Houston, Fort Benning, Ga., and the Alabama National Guard. For the sake of their combat missions, the detachments will temporarily fall under the 11th Military Police Battalion.

The Army's Criminal Investigation Command typically investigates suspected felonies involving soldiers, contractors or government employees, seeking to either acquit them of alleged illegal activity or prove them guilty of it. While deployed to other countries, the command cooperates on a regular basis with the local populous and foreign forces to seize any possible threats to the communities.

Lt. Col. Peter Lydon, commander of the 11th Military Police Battalion, said that although the majority of cases will likely center on U.S. soldiers and civilians rather than foreign threats, cases involving U.S. personnel may be the most important part.

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