By Sgt. Matthew C. Cooley

15th Sustainment Brigade public affairs

"We're actually a lot more alike than not alike," Canadian Army Maj. Rick Goodyear, 2 Battalion deputy commander said as a group of Canadian officers huddled around a U.S. Army sergeant explaining how the supply support activity's systems work.

15th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command, hosted a tour of its operations at Fort Hood April 28-29 by 17 Canadian Army officers and one attached British Army officer from the Canadian 2 Battalion in order to help further each other's understanding of their ally's operations.

The officers were logistics, transportation, and maintenance company and platoon commanders stationed at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, in Ontario, Canada.

The tour was part of an ongoing professional partnership between 13th Sustainment and Canadian 2 Battalion.

The group visited the Supply Support Activity and Combat Service Support Automation Management Office to learn about the Standard Army Management Information System that is a major part of ensuring units are rapidly resupplied.

They also went to the 263rd Maintenance Company motorpool where soldiers displayed a Heavy Equipment Transporter Semitrailer, Wrecker, Palletized Load System, and several weapons including the M2 .50 caliber machine gun, M9 pistol, M16 rifle, the M240, and the Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher.

Other activities included a social with the 13th Sustainment commanding general, meeting with cadets, visiting the warrior skills trainer and the close combat tactical trainer.

Goodyear said that it was very important for American and Canadian soldiers to understand each other's combat support systems.

"We're going to work with Americans wherever we go," he said.

Working with Americans is not new to Goodyear, who said he worked with them in Kosovo, Macedonia and Kandahar, Afghanistan, where a joint committee reviewed such things as purchasing supplies and the development of a bank for Canadians and Americans.

The Canadians weren't the only ones who learned from the experience.

"[It answers] 'how do they do it?'" said 1st Lt. Thorin Parris, the event's coordinator.

"If we're in a coalition environment you've got to know what your buddy to the right and your buddy to the left can do."

The close relationship between the Canadian and American armies is well known to Fort Hood, as III Corp deputy commander Brig. Gen. Peter Atkinson is a Canadian Army officer.

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