By Alicia Lacy

Fort Hood Herald

A flame flickered from six blue candles lined along a table.

Each jar was marked with a one-word message: love, equality, peace, justice, diversity and harmony.

Each message was in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. as part of the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center celebration in his honor Jan. 12.

Soldiers with the medical center each read off details about King pertaining to each message.

The short ceremony, themed "A Dream ... With a New Beginning," included the reading of an excerpt from King's "I Have a Dream" speech and an address by Killeen City Councilman Ernest Wilkerson. He wanted to disseminate the message of "diligence."

"Diligence is not just pushing forward. Diligence is what we call, due diligence," Wilkerson said.

"The real message was yes the dream is alive; we have to continue to be diligent, we have to continue to do our duty to make sure that the dream and hope of diversity continues to be alive."

Wilkerson used the example of rolling a boulder up a hill.

"If you take a break or stop, it rolls all the way back down and you lose ground and have to start back over. We don't want to start over," he said. "We want to continue the success of Dr. Martin Luther King and others who've sacrificed their lives."

Col. Steven E. Braverman, Darnall commander, said the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday falls on his birthday, and he would use it as inspiration to be good leader.

Sgt. 1st Class Teresa Robinson, the senior noncommissioned officer at Robertson Blood Center, organized the event.

Robinson said she wanted to bring a reminder of what "Dr. King stood for, and for us to continue to keep that in mind and push forward to bring the vision that he had."

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