By Alicia Lacy

Fort Hood Herald

Susan Young vividly remembers the afternoon of Nov. 5.

Thinking about that day still brings a heavy weight of emotions to Young, who administers immunizations at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center.

During a ceremony Thursday where Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center and contracting companies honored their employees who worked at the center Nov. 5, tears began to flow as Young remembered the tragedy and her actions.

The ceremony, hosted at Iron Horse Gym, which now houses the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, was a way for the medical center to honor the workers, who are unable to receive Army awards.

Veronica Edwards, president of InGeneisis Medical Staffing Professionals, read from letters her company received about the response of its employees.

Edwards spoke about Young, who used her bra as a tourniquet for an injured soldier.

"She had a chance to leave the building," Edwards said of Young.

Young said she chose to stay after the gunman opened fire into the center because "soldiers were injured and nothing at that moment was more important to me than trying to save lives."

The ceremony was special to Young.

"I believe God put me where I needed to be that day, and to be recognized for that is wonderful."

"I didn't do anything for recognition," she went on to say. "I did it because it was my job."

The daughter of a retired command sergeant major, Young said she has a place in her heart for the military and soldiers, and returned to work the first chance she got.

The medical center hosted an awards ceremony in April for its civilian and military staff.

"It became apparent we needed another ceremony," said Col. Steven Braverman, commander of Darnall. "We hadn't figured out a way to recognize (contractors) for their actions that day."

A representative from each of the contracting companies praised their employees before presenting their awards.

Braverman also awarded soldiers and civilian staff who were unable to attend the April ceremony.

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