By Rebecca Rose

Fort Hood Herald

BELTON - From June 25 until Aug. 21, the Bell County Museum is offering a unique chance to experience, firsthand, some of the most famous photographs taken during World War II.

"Memories of World War II: Photographs From The Archives of the Associated Press," is a collection of 126 photographs encompassing some of the most significant moments in World War II. From the liberation of Buchenwald to the storming of the beaches of Normandy, the photos represent some of the most dramatic and haunting moments in world history.

Stephanie Turnham, director of the Bell County Museum, said the exhibit was significant because it showed what America was fighting for and fighting against during the era of "America's greatest generation," as she put it.

"This is how it was," Turnham said, walking through the walls of the exhibit. "I just get chills."

Alongside the photos capturing the most dramatic moments in battle are scenes of frozen intimacy. In one photo, a group of soldiers hang their heads in a silent prayer, huddled together on the deck of a ship, moments before landing at the beaches of Normandy.

The faces of a group of young paratroopers are caught, seconds before jumping out of a plane over the skies of France.

Alongside Joe Rosenthal's iconic image, "Mt. Suribachi Flag Raising," are more images of the battle of Iwo Jima, including a photograph of two U.S. Marines receive communion from a chaplain.

The exhibit also includes 75 items from the museum's own archives, as well as memorabilia on loan from local collectors and historians. Additionally, the museum is featuring a live audio exhibit of authentic radio and newsreel footage

Admission to the Bell County Museum is free. The museum is located at 201 N. Main St., in Belton. For more information on the exhibit, call (254) 933-5243 or go to

Contact Rebecca Rose at or (254) 501-7548.

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