By Pfc. Amy M. Lane

4th Sustainment Brigade

public affairs

At the Sadowski Field flagpole, Brig. Gen. Paul Wentz, commander of the 13th Sustainment Command, re-established command of the 1st Medical Brigade to Col. Bruce McVeigh at a ceremony Friday.

The brigade headquarters, including McVeigh, recently returned from a yearlong deployment to Iraq. During the deployment, Lt. Col. Lee Roupe was the rear detachment commander.

"I want to thank Lieutenant Colonel Roupe," McVeigh said. "You had one of the hardest jobs in the Army, but you handled it with professionalism, poise and diligence."

McVeigh also thanked his soldiers and the two units within the 1st Medical Brigade that are deployed.

"I'm proud to join your team today, you look great," he said. "And I thank you for your commitment to making this the best medical brigade in the Army. I will lead you with passion every day."

Wentz said he had the opportunity to meet McVeigh earlier this year while they were both in Iraq, and he said he was confident in McVeigh's ability to lead soldiers.

"Lieutenant Colonel McVeigh, you have the honor and privilege of leading the largest, most capable, and oldest color bearing medical unit in the United States Army," Wentz said.

"There is no better example of competence, professionalism and dedication than the recent deployment of this brigade's headquarters to Iraq," he said. "Perhaps the most significant accomplishment of this deployment is the unprecedented 98 percent survival rate of all trauma casualties who were treated within an hour of the injury. The significance of this success cannot be overstated."

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