By Amanda Kim Stairrett

Fort Hood Herald

Nearly 2,000 Reserve Marines were at Fort Hood earlier this month for a combined-arms training exercise that included four days of live-fire exercises designed to test counter fire measures.

Three battalions from the 14th Marine Regiment and a support unit, Combat Logistics Battalion 43, or CLB43, were at Fort Hood as part of Texas Phoenix 2009, which brought together elements of the regiment for their biggest training event of the year.

Marines participating in the exercises were from across the country, including several units from Texas.

The regiment was tasked by the Marine Corps to take out the enemy's fire, said Lt. Col. Cid Sybrant, a spokesman for the regiment. This month was the first time in six years the regiment had a chance to practice that mission.

The units came to Fort Hood for their training because the post was large enough and the training schedules coordinated. Texas was centrally located a for the variety of units participating in the exercises.

Texas Phoenix was a good way for CLB43 Marines to practice providing direct logistics support to the regiment, said Lt. Col. Steve McConnall, battalion commander. Those Marines provide the units with everything from fuel to water to food to maintenance to dental care.

Texas Phoenix's goal was to "provide realistic training opportunities in alignment with the Department of Defense's overall strategic objectives in preparing reservists for overseas deployment in support of the Global War on Terrorism," according to information from Fort Hood. Officials were also able to assess the regiment's and battalion's capabilities and see just how prepared they were.

The 14th Marine Regiment is a reserve artillery regiment headquartered in Fort Worth. It is comprised primarily of Reserve Marines and sailors, though active-duty Marines are assigned to each unit to oversee training, according to information from Fort Hood.

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